Additive manufacturing training courses for industry

We have developed a Life-long-learning environment dedicated to the learning of metal additive manufacturing in industrial companies covering the needs of an entire organization and an entire industrial value chain. Our learning courses were developed by leading European universities and experts in the area of additive manufacturing.

We have developed a portfolio of AM learning courses for industrial professionals eager to learn how additive manufacturing can be applied in their organization. Our learning environment enables efficient and flexible on-line learning in combination with hands-on learning in physical workshop settings. Our courses give up-to-date knowledge and decision-making tools for every level of professional from beginners to top experts. The environment offers many kinds of tools for education and training in different learning setups.

Several basic level courses were successfully piloted in 2020 and in 2021, three extended courses were introduced and piloted. Altogether these courses have engaged  thousands of students to enrolled and hundreds of students to completed their courses. Now six courses are running continuously online until the end of 2025. For more information, please see information on this web site.

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