Three levels

Our flipped learning concept enables the Life-long-learner to gain basic knowledge through on-line courses and to get the most out of the time spent in direct contact with teachers and fellow learners in hands-on courses. Our courses are divided on three levels: basic, extended and expert. The first two are on-line courses, while the third is arranged face-to-face with teachers and fellow learners in AM environment.

Basic level courses are intended for industrial professionals to acquire basic knowledge about metal Additive manufacturing in industry. The main target group are professionals work in research and development, product design or in manufacturing operations. The course can be equally instructive if you are working in sales, purchasing, management, or as entrepreneur looking for new opportunities. The courses are on-line courses.
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Extended level courses take the learning closer to the practical application of additive manufacturing in industry. The learner acquires a detailed understanding of specific metal additive manufacturing processes and technologies through theory and practical cases. The learner is expected to have a prior basic knowledge of Additive manufacture. The courses are on-line courses.
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Expert level courses will be available in 2022. In these courses, the learners get a concrete hands-on experience from the printed metal parts and the equipment and tools used in different phases of the additive manufacturing process. These courses will arranged on university premises or other laboratory facilities where 3D printers and post processing activities can be concretely experienced.