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Six courses are running continuously online until the end of 2025. Three Basic level courses and three Extended level courses.

Three Hand-on courses have been developed in 2022 and are ready for piloting with invited learners in December this year. Registration to Hand-on courses:

Starting dates of Basic level courses is 15.11.2021.

Registration to Basic level courses

Extended level courses will start in January 2022.

Four new Learning-AM-for-Life courses

In 2021, four new Learning-AM-for-Life courses are introduced. This year, we introduce the Extended course, that go deeper into the topics and enables the learners to reflect on how AM can be used in real life situations. For more information, please follow information on this web site.

News on 2020 pilot experiences

The first pilot including seven basic level Learning-AM-for-Life courses was successfully carried out in November – December 2020. With 1333 enrolments to the 7 courses and 196 persons finishing their course, the participation in the pilot was beyond expectations. Read more…




Formnext – Where ideas take shape.

16. – 19.11.2021

As the leading industry platform for additive manufacturing and industrial 3D printing, Formnext is the international meeting point for the next generation of intelligent industrial production.

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VTT offers industrial 3D printing research services for companies working with, for instance, metals, plastics, and biomaterials. Our 3DMetalprint service solves issues related to applications, production and materials. Link to sharing platform.